Wednesday March 1, 2017


(Congrats to Kelly for crushing her first Open WOD! Overcoming fear and doing things you once thought were impossible. And here she is now!)

Skills Session:


**Kick to, Pushups, Kipping, freestanding, walking, etc…


Level 2 WOD:

3 rounds for time:

21 Handstand Pushups

50 Grasshoppers (L+R=2) (Your shin MUST contact your forearm for the rep to count)

15 Toes to Bar


Level 1 WOD:

3 rounds for time:

21 Push-ups

50 Grasshoppers (L+R=2)

15 Hanging Leg Raises

Level 2 MODS:

MOD 1: 1 abmat HSPU

MOD 2: 2 abmat HSPU, Knees to Elbows


Level 1 MODS:

MOD 1: Knee Pushups, V-ups, Mountain Climbers