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Welcome to the Grunt Work Page.  This is the place where you will find the stuff you should do, need to do, but don’t want to do.  It’s easy to do AND it’s easy not to do.  If you take the time out to do this 3-4 times per week IN ADDITION to your regular workouts, you will reap the rewards.  I guarantee it.  And by the way… do not take the easy way out.  Choose one that will challenge you to improve weaknesses vs. simply doing the one that is easiest. Feel free to mix it up throughout the week as well.

Instructions:  Pick from any of the three choices and complete 3-4x/week. Post your scores to the CFJ Community of Greatness Facebook page!

Choice A:

12 Rounds of TABATA Burpees

–Work as hard as you can to get the same number the entire time.  The goal here is to improve stamina.  Do not fall behind. Post your lowest score on any given round.


Choice B:

ON/OFF 1 mile run

— For this run, imagine our 800m loop as a square.  On the first part of the square, run your regular one mile run pace.  As you turn the corner to next side of the square, sprint this one hard.  Round the corner, back to regular one mile pace.  Final side of the square, sprint hard.  Repeat for 2 laps.  Post your 1 mile time.


Choice C:

10 minutes of practice:



Ring Dip


Toes to Bar

Double/Triple Unders