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  1. Complete 50 Air squats with a PVC overhead facing the wall.

Focus on maintaining your neutral spine, knees out, chest up, and arms staying overhead in the frontal plane.  Get as close to the wall as possible without touching it. If you cannot maintain good positioning throughout the entire range of motion, just go down as far as you can with perfect form.  Over the course of the week, do your best to be able to get some perfect reps at full range of motion.

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2.  5 Jump to Transitions on the Rings after each class you attend

*if you can do muscle-ups, practice these without the false grip or work on your transitions for a strict MU

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3. Spend 10 FOCUSED and INTENSE minutes working on mobility and stretching one ONE area of the body.  Example… hip flexors, shoulders, back, hips, etc.

Use a combination of mobility tools and static stretches. Work hard to make some noticeable changes.  Do this 3 times this week.