Saturday October 31, 2015


Reminder, only one class at 9am today, followed by our Brunch and Costume Contest at 10am!

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  • You have 10 minutes to find your 1 rep max Barbell Turkish Get-up



With a partner:
Death By:
Goblin Squats (AKA Goblet Squats) – (53,35)
Sleeping Bats (AKA Handstand Pushups)

**On the count of 3,2,1..Go. Partner A will do 1 Goblet Squat and Partner B will do 1 HSPU. You will then hold a plank the remainder of the minute and switch places. At the call of the next minute, Partner A will do 2 HSPU and Partner B will do 2 Goblet Squats. Then hold plank and switch places. next minute, each person does 3 reps. Plank and switch. Keep up the pattern. If one partner fails to complete their portion of the work within the minute…. They will begin the Dead Weight WOD. For the partner that is still going on the death by… They will just keep alternating in the pattern they were previously going in until failure within the minute.

Each person must complete at least to the round 8 here, so modify accordingly throughout the WOD to make that happen. if you make it further, awesome! You score will be the total number of reps completed between you and your partner.  Keep track of your own score.



  • Starting from the failure point on the Death By workout until the 25 minute mark on the clock. The score on this will be your AMRAP score (# reps completed, Farmer Carry =1) COMBINED with the AMRAP score of your partner. So if you get here first, they are picking up your slack on the Death By WOD and you are picking up the pace here.


Farmer Carry 175m (53,35)

4 Stone Shoulders (115,70)

2 Wall Jumps (Big)

**Modify as necessary

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