Wednesday May 31, 2017

(David K. knocking out some pull-ups.  I like that you can see how his knees and elbows are working together to give him the upward momentum he needs to get his chin over the bar.  Nice work David!)

Level 1 &  2 WOD: (will be completed in 2 heats if class size allows. One partner will count reps and encourage you to push hard!  Any time remaining after the workout will be dedicated to LAST CHANCE MAY GOALS work.  Ring that bell today!)

5 Rounds for max reps:

Minute 1: Row for max calories

Minute 2: Wall Balls (25,20)

Minute 3: Toes to Bar


**This will be completed similar to Fight Gone Bad.  No rest between exercises.  NO REST BETWEEN ROUNDS on this one.  This WOD will be 15 minutes straight through.  Your score will be the total number of reps completed across the whole workout.

MOD 1: WB (20,16)

MOD 2: WB (16,14), Knees to elbows

MOD 3: WB (14,10), Hanging Leg Raises

MOD 4: WB (10,6), V-ups