Saturday February 8, 2014

In teams of 2:
2 rounds
30 Ball Slams (30,20) – Overhead Hold (115,75)

30 Kettlebell Snatch (53,35) – Front Rack Hold (135,95)

75 Double Unders – Deadlift Hold (185,125)

** While partner A completes the ball slams, partner B will hold a barbell overhead with locked out elbows until all 30 reps are complete.  Athletes will switch and partner B will complete the ball slams while partner A holds the weight overhead.  Then, move on the KB snatch and hold the barbell in the front rack position.  After both partners have completed their reps, move on the DU and holding the bar in the finish position of a deadlift.  Repeat for two rounds.

MOD 1: OH hold (95,65), KBS (35,20) – FR Hold (115,75), DU ( 2x singles)- DL hold (135,95)

MOD 2: OH hold (75,55), KBS (20,18)-FR Hold (95,65), DU (2x singles) – DL Hold (115,75)