There are many ways to improve in CrossFit, but the picture below shows several different methods all in one single shot.  Ethan (pictured in the middle) has taken many steps to up his game and take it to the next level.  In the picture below, you can notice 3 different methods that he is using,

1. There is an iPad that is videoing the workout he is doing.  He learned from coach Jason that he can video tape himself, analyze it (or have the coaches do that), and then improve.  He already used that technique for handstand pushups and has made tremendous improvement.

2. Look at the edge of Ethan’s bar… I’m pretty sure he has a couple 5 pound plates on there as well, which means that he is lifting a little bit more than the presecribed weight.  Getting out of your comfort zone is where all the magic happens and this is a small step that makes a huge difference in the long run.

3. He is training with three other athletes (Jeremy is missing in the photo) that are sure to push Ethan to another level.  By working out with folks that can support you and will push you to take just a little bit less rest or to get just one more rep, you will consistently make their pace your norm, even if that seems impossible right now!

Way to go Ethan!  I hope that this inspires the rest of you to take some small steps that will result in HUGE gains!


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