It has been super hot this week and that is why we are all about the hydration.  Aside from helping us keep our body temperatures stabilized during 99 degree weather, water also helps cushion our joints from the pounding we do during box jumps and double unders, helps mobilize our fat stores (bye bye body fat), and helps us feel full (as in not hungry…bye bye wasted calories and extra weight).

Often times as athletes and people living at altitude, we are living in a state of dehydration.  If we are dehydrated, our body will send us signals that we are hungry and need to eat as a way to combat dehydration. What?  Wouldn’t our brain tell us we are thirsty?  Yes, but most of the time we have ignored that signal because we are on top of a mountaintop or are working on our techniques during O-lift class. Our body needs the water and so it will do anything in order to get the water it needs. So, we get sent the “I’m hungry” signal that will get us to ingest food so that we can pull the water content from that food and use it for our normal, daily processes.

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This often results in excess calorie consumption that leads us to packing on weight.  All we really needed was a little more water.



Anytime you feel a craving for an unhealthy snack or sugary sweet, drink a full glass of water (maybe one infused with some delicious detox mixture) and wait 5 minutes before eating.  Are you still hungry? Post how many times you had a craving and how many glasses of water you consumed today?  How did it help your cravings?

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