Ian started sports at a very young age. Skiing by three and organized soccer, baseball, basketball, and other such sports followed. He continued on with baseball, basketball, football, and swimming through childhood and really focused in on basketball and swimming in high school. Sports and fitness have always been a way of life for Ian.

Originally from California, Ian moved to Louisville at a very young age and has been here ever since. He loves Louisville and loves giving back to the community. Upon graduation, Ian aspires to enlist into the Military and chase a career there. CrossFit has been a huge help in pushing him towards that goal, both physically and mentally.

A quote from Ian….

“I love CrossFit because of the massive impact it has on my life and the positive lifestyle I now can feel every day. I hope to spread those life changes to other athletes whether they be young like me or more mature because I believe it can change everyone for the good in some way or another. I love meeting all the incredible people in our gym and enjoy chasing our goals together day by day.”

He has been doing crossfit just about 2 years and has been certified at Level 1. He has a passion for weightlifting and wouldn’t run another step if he thought he could get away with it.


CrossFit Level 1