This is a common phrase that we hear from many athletes in the gym when trying to go heavier than before.  This does take practice and training and is not something that you will just someone magically become comfortable with.  And guess what, there is also some technique to it! So let’s go and get it done!  After all, Grace is coming up!

3 Technique Tips for you to work on.

1. Practice high hangs to improve your hip extension

– A lot of power comes out of the hip extension and it can help you elevate the bar a little higher so that you have some more time to get yourself under the bar.  So, we want to make sure we maximize this extension to set ourselves up for success.  Watch this video to see what a high hang looks like.


2. Remove the phrase “Drop under the bar” with “Pull under the bar”

– The process of getting underneath the bar is not passive, it’s active.  You need to actually pull yourself down as opposed to dropping there.  Typically the weight on the bar is heavy enough to provide a counterbalance for you to pull against. So get active and make the magic happen.  It surely won’t happen by itself.

3. On the jerk— control the dip so that the bar does not separate itself from your body

— watch the video below to see if you are doing this.  We don’t want to be moving up as the bar is moving down and stop all momentum in it’s tracks.