A little inspiration today: Lolo Jones

An American olympian that is both on the USA Bobsled team and track and field team for hurdles.

Why should we be inspired by her?

1. She has never won a medal, but keeps on going for it. Great quote from the article….”Whether or not Jones ever wins an Olympic medal, she is a success because she had the will to compete.”

Each day, all of the CFJ athletes come out with the will to compete. You show up, give your best and strive to be a little bit better than you were the day before!

2. She realizes that she is multi-talented and that you can express your gifts in more than one way….

I think we all know that in CrossFit, we can strive to show our talents in many different avenues. We are not simply defined by one movement or another.

3. She overcame a spinal surgery and still managed to make it back to the Olympics. Just like all of you at CFJ, giving up is not an option!

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