Saturday August 22, 2015



(Amy has a great looking pushup! ‘Nuff said.)

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Level 1 & 2

“Inspired by Hansen”

In teams of 3 complete:
5 rounds
60 Kettlebell Swings (70,53)
60 Burpees
60 Abmat, Slam Ball Sit-ups (30,20)

**Split up the reps above evenly. Each person does 20 reps before switching. You cannot move on to burpees until all KBS have been completed, etc.  While one partner is working, another partner is doing a 175m atlas stone carry, and the third partner is resting. Score is the total time + # of 175m atlas stone carries completed. RX for the stone is 115,70. DO NOT DROP THE STONE.  You may set it down nicely to rest, but if you drop it, you must stop immediately and run a 400m.


**Modify as necessary, but the “stone” carry needs to be heavy for you. No sandbagging here.

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