Tuesday June 21, 2016

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(Row, Row, Row your…..ropes???  Diane is doing seated rope raises here during her personal training session last week!  She has been working on building strength to develop her pull-ups as well as get prepared for an upcoming wedding she is attending.  With extra grunt work, workout sessions, and dialed in nutrition, she is on top of it!  She has made some massive personal records in the last several weeks as well!  Way to go Diane!)

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Level 2 WOD:

For time:
1000m Row
50 Back Squats (135,95)
30 Pull-ups


Level 1 WOD:

For time:
1000m Row
50 Back Squats (75,55)
30 Box Assisted Pull-ups (see video below)


Post WOD Mobility Session

3 rounds

10 bridge-ups (only go up as high as your body allows)

1 minute prize squat hold

10 sit-ups to straddles



WOD #1:
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 Burpees
100m Sprints in between

**The way this will go is:
1 Burpee, 100m Sprint (start at corner and go to Atlas Valley Sign)
2 Bupees, 100m Sprint (Atlas Valley sign to corner)
3 Burpees, 100m Sprint
Continue the pattern until 10 burpees and finish with a sprint.
WOD # 2:
AMRAP in 8 minutes:
15 Mountain Climbers with hands on slam ball (L+R=1)
15 Ball Slams (30,20)
15 Slam Ball Sit-ups



The video below is for the L1 Workout

Level 2 MODs:

MOD 1: (115,75)

MOD 2: (95,65), Green Band Pull-ups

**If you are still using a black band, switch the level 1 version of pull-ups today. You can still go heavier on the back squat if you wish.


Level 1 MODs:

MOD 1: (65,45)

MOD 2: (45,35), Ring Rows