Monday August 1, 2016

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(Matt is rocking his ring dips and mastering his kipping technique. Look for Matt to be helping out with classes this week as well!)

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Front Squat

2-2-2-2-2-2-max set or reps

**First 2 sets of 2 at 80%

**Second 2 sets of 2 at 85%

**Third 2 sets of 2 at 90%

**For your max set of reps, go back down to 85% and do as many reps as you can unbroken. Post your number or reps and weight used on the whiteboard.


Level 1 & 2 WOD:

Every 4 minutes on the 4 minute x 6 rounds:
Run 200m with ball (20,16)
Double Unders (L2-50 reps)(L1=30 reps)

**You have 4 minutes to complete the above work. Whatever time you have left you get to rest. So go hard and fast. If you fail to complete the above work, subtract 10 (L2) or 5 (L1) reps from the amount of double unders on the next round.

MOD 1: Ball (16,14), 150 singles