Welcome to the first ever Food For Fuel WODs!  These, never been done before, WODs are designed to help you create a relationship to food that will fuel performance both inside and outside the CrossFit gym walls.  Be ready for outstanding energy, incredible recovery, and a body that truly reflects the quality of your hard work!

So let’s get started!

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— Stock up your fridge with foods that fall into these categories.  Remove all foods that are processed grains, dairy, sugar, legumes and soy products…. including peanut products, honey, agave, beans, peas, corn, etc.

To get credit for this WOD, post your picture of a healthy fridge to the CFJ Community of Greatness Facebook Page.

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The foods in the pyramid are the ones you want to eat.  Eat them in whatever quantity you wish and whenever you are hungry.

If you just beginning with paleo, try to eat more veggies than you do fruit. It is easy to overdo fruit in an effort to satisfy the sweet tooth.  Careful.

If you need a more specific eating plan as far as quantities and times of day, let Julia know.