46eeee16c73c18cc710ef12a6915713f_f389My life before CrossFit was a boring routine at 24 hour fitness!! I did some classes, and did a lot of cardio on the rotating staircase or stair climber. I liked to call the “Stairway to Heaven”. I did run about 12-15 miles a week and I did really enjoy that. I was in a rut and getting no results. A friend talked to Mike and I about CrossFit and we were intrigued. Mike took it from there and got us a place in the foundations class.

I have to admit I was very intimidated when I walked into CrossFit Julia, but everyone was so welcoming and supportive I knew we could fit in here. The first month after foundations was very difficult and frustrating. I never thought I would ever finish a WOD let alone RX any workout. Now a little over a year later, I am participating in the Open CrossFit Games and actually doing fairly well in the masters division. I never thought I would be competing in any CrossFit competition at 50 years of age.

d7cbc9ed7d3d30b5b41a49f817d8b5b4_f390CrossFit has given me so much more confidence, strength, and courage in my everyday life. I love to ski and play tennis and I feel CrossFit has helped me to do both at a higher level. As far as my job goes, I see a difference there to. I have been a nurse for over 20 years and have never taken the steps to become part of the leadership on the unit; I am now doing just that. It’s a lot to take on but my energy level has increased so much since I began CrossFit that I feel like it is possible. I have to mention the diet thing. Paleo has also made a big difference! I never thought I could give up dairy (mainly cheese!) and I did. I like being leaner and if I didn’t do the paleo diet it just wouldn’t happen. I have only done the paleo diet for 6 months and feel a big difference.

I still struggle with double unders, hand stand pushups, muscle ups (forget about it). I swore I would never be able to do pullups and I got those, I couldn’t do rope climbs, I got those. Double unders took me a long time, but finally got those thanks to JULIA! Maybe someday a muscle up?

I love the 6 am crew! Matt, Nico and Julia are the best! It is so amazing to see my fellow CrossFitters at 6am bringing their energy, support, and strength. Love you guys!

My advice to the new CFJ members is to stay with it! It will all fall into place. You picked a great box to start your crossfit journey, so keep pushing yourself!