Monday April 2, 2018

Warm-up WOD:

Foam Roll Quads – 1 minute each leg

Pike Stretch – 2 minute hold

Barbell Roll out Calves – 1 minute each leg


2x Lunge with dislocates Down, Spiderman Crawl Back

20 Weighted Step-ups (hold medium weight KB at chest level)(L+R=2)

2x Side lunges down, Bear Crawl Back

20 Weighted Squats with feet touching (hold a light weight KB at chest level)

2x Backward Bear Crawl Down, 10 Candlestick Rolls



3 rounds:

20 Alternating Pistols (L+R=2)

50 Double Unders

1 Legless Rope Climb


**If you cannot do a legless rope climb, do 2 rope climbs with your feet.  If you cannot climb a rope with a feet, do 5 Assisted Rope Climbs (lay flat on the floor,raise hips off the ground, pull yourself to standing, then lower yourself back down…make sure you touch your BACK to the floor first, not your booty.)

**If you cannot do a pistol, modify by using a ball or box or wrap your free leg behind the standing leg.  If these variations are too difficult, substitute with weighted DB Lunges (hold a heavy DB in each hand down at your sides)