jesseJesse grew up in Boulder, CO. He graduated from the University of Colorado and moved to the east coast to work as a paramedic. He missed the mountains and the clean Colorado air so he moved back to work as a paramedic in Boulder County. The night shifts on the ambulance contributed to a lack of physical activity. On a hike with a friend on day Jesse realized that he could not keep up. Something needed to change. Shortly thereafter he walked into CrossFit Julia – life changed that day.

As an athlete he strives to get better each and every day. It does not need to be monumental change – just consistent forward effort because that’s what leads to lifelong change.

As a coach he encourages his athletes to concentrate on the fundamentals and to explore their mental toughness. Mental toughness combined with physical health has profound effects on all areas of life. He is also committed to finding the fun in ever WOD!

Jesse lives in Louisville with his wife Heather and daughter Opal.

American Heart Association CPR/First Aid Instructor.