Katie grew up in the foothills of Vermont, where she played a plethora of team sports throughout her childhood. This continued during high school, where she was a three-season athlete, competing in soccer, Nordic skiing, and lacrosse. While attending art school at Alfred University in Western New York, Katie played varsity lacrosse and seized every spare moment to adventure in the hills. Katie moved to Colorado three years ago and has continued her adventures, ‘Colorado-style,’ running away most weekends to hike, rock climb, mountain bike, and camp. Every summer for as long as she can remember, she has returned to Vermont to attend, coach and help direct her family’s gymnastics camp, Dunkley’s. At Dunkley’s, Katie teaches waterskiing and wakeboarding, lifeguards, and coaches gymnastics on a daily basis. Dunkley’s is not your typical gymnastics camp, but rather incorporates watersports, conditioning, and modified team sports with gymnastics, thus fitting the CrossFit philosophy of “Constantly varied functional movements at high intensity.” Katie has taught and coached in a number of different venues. She has been a k-12 art teacher for eight years, coached club gymnastics, swimming, JV lacrosse, and now, CrossFit.


Red Cross Certified Lifeguard
CPR/First Aid
USAG Gymnastics Safety Certified
CrossFit Level 1