// What was your life like prior to your CrossFit training and why did you want to start working with a coach?

I was in a physical and professional funk when I started Crossfit. I was inconsistent in my workouts, to say the least, essentially making a monthly donation to the local gym and frustrated that I still hadn’t lost the baby weight after two years. Go figure. A good friend of mine is a coach and had been telling me about the CrossFit phenomenon for over a year. Yes, apparently I’m a bit slow! I finally took action in April 2012, confident that I could make up for several years in 6 weeks, just in time for my trip to Vegas in June (also a procrastinator)! I remember texting my friend after one of the Foundations classes and asking if it was normal to pee and puke in one workout. Maybe TMI, but that was the reality of my CrossFit beginnings.


// What have been your greatest challenges (physically, mentally, emotionally) since you began your CrossFit Training?

My greatest challenges have definitely been the physical ones. I have never had much upper body strength, so things that seem simple, like push-ups, are challenging for me. Yes! I made it off my knees! I continue to work on pull-ups, handstand push-ups, ring dips, etc. It’s just a matter of time and practice.


// What have been your greatest successes (physically,mentally or emotionally) since you began? How does your body feel now compared to when you started and WHY?

There have been so many successes, but the one I’m most proud of is the rope climb. I could never climb a rope, even as a kid. When I started CrossFit, I was a complete clutz on the ropes. I couldn’t figure out the foot positioning and wasn’t even strong enough to get up had I been able to get the positioning right. Slowly but surely I began to make progress. I finally figured out the foot positioning by practicing off a box. Then I made it halfway up. Then I finally made it all the way up. I had the nasty rope burn to prove it, which lasted at least a good month, but I didn’t care. I was proud of that burn! Not long ago we had a WOD with 15 rope climbs and I completed all of them, to the top (core WODs was a huge reason I was able to do this). I wasn’t the fastest, but I finished. I would challenge my 8 year old son to a rope climbing competition any day!


// How has your life changed since starting CrossFit training? Has CrossFit transferred over into any other areas of your life?

You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anything else in your life. I have stopped making excuses and have made CrossFit a priority, visiting the Box about 3-4 times per week at 6am. Thankfully I have the support of my husband and my family. Of course I am leaner and stronger (and my back pain is gone), but ultimately I am healthier overall (can’t remember the last time I was sick even with 3 petri dishes in the house) and happier in all aspects of my life. I am setting a good example for my kids, who are constantly challenging me to skills and inquiring about my WODs. My 3 kids and even the dog love to join me in the core WOD on the family room floor. My 2.5 year old asks to see the WOD each night while I am rocking him before bed (he especially loves when you post videos on the site). He’s also the first to ask about the WOD when I return from CFJ in the morning. He frequently takes my phone, starts the timer and asks me to give him exercises: 5 burpees, 3 pushups, 10 air squats, etc. It’s hilarious, but it’s actually giving him a foundation for good health and exercise!

I also believe CrossFit really enables your lifestyle. Our family loves to ski. CrossFit has enabled me to haul 3 kids over to the mountain with all their gear. It saved me from slipping and who knows what injury on a patch of ice while I was hauling the kids. It enabled me to smoke my husband down Cat Dancer at Keystone (I’m still chasing Billy Gaudet). It also enabled me to carry my youngest halfway down the mountain on skis while he was having a meltdown. The list goes on and on!

// What are the advantages of CrossFit style training compared to your previous workout styles?

Variety. I have to admit, I don’t really love any of the skills/movements/lifts/exercises on their own, but somehow I love CrossFit! I love learning/mastering new skills and seeing myself improve and become stronger over time. There is a huge sense of pride and accomplishment in conquering the rope climb or doing a pull-up for the first time, or 15 times in one WOD.

I also love the camaraderie of the 6am crew. We have fun, we laugh at ourselves, we give each other crap, we push one another, we keep it real. Couldn’t ask for a more genuine and supportive group of people to watch the sunrise with while running when it’s 20 degrees!

// What advice can you give to others?

Stick with it and challenge yourself. Clearly I did not make up for several years in my 6 week stint before Vegas. But I stuck with it and it has become an extremely fulfilling part of my life!