Tuesday June 20, 2017

Level 2 WOD:

Row 1000m

35 Push-ups


Level 1 WOD:

Row 1000m

15 Pushups (3 count to lower down + 1 count up)


**The focus for today’s WOD is the perfect push-up form.  Working on maintaining a good position throughout the middle of your body.  TAKE YOUR TIME TODAY.  Go hard and fast on the row and slow down and take your time on push-ups.  Do not settle for mediocrity. If you cannot do at least sets of 5 push-ups without losing your core, do the L1 WOD today.



Work on your June Goals and make that bell ring

Level 2 MODS: None

Level 1 MODS:

MOD 1: 5 pushups with the 3 count lower + 1 count rise

MOD 2: 10 elevated pushups with the count sequence (put your hands on as many stacked mats as you need to accomplish the proper technique through the mid section)