It’s been a little over a month now since we started our new class structure and it has been going great!  The workouts have been easily tailored to fit the athletic needs of each athlete and have also pushed us out of comfort zone to try new skills, rep counts, and weights we didn’t believe we could do previously.

Based on the last month, here are some of my reflections.

Level 1 gets you to Level 2

Level 1 workouts are hard. Very Hard. And if you need to do them in order to improve, do that. We are all on our own journey and on any given day, we will need to go down to the level 1 to work on the foundational movements that will make the more advanced techniques a possibility or to improve efficiency.   The Level 1 RX picks up where the level 2 mods end, so Level 1 is really just an extension of the Level 2 movements and weights.

Example: Monday’s Bar Muscle-up WOD.  BMU’s are an advanced movement that require you to be able to do a C2B pull-up and an unassisted full depth ring dip.  If you cannot do those movements, chances are you struggle with BMU.  Not a big deal.  You need to get the foundations down and then you need to work the movement itself.  The level 1 Rx was Shoot throughs, just following the Level 2 Mod of jumping to transition and ring dip. Shoot throughs are a movement designed to build the strength for the dip and arm and core strength overall.  There is no shame in needing to improve those two skills.  Keep doing it and in time, you will be able to do the BMU.  It just takes time. So that leads me to point #2


Practice your foundational movements

Want to get that MU on rings or Bars?  Want to improve your PR on snatch? How about pistols, HSPU, double unders?  You still need to practice.  Give yourself the opportunity at an open gym or a level 1 class to improve these skills.  During Level 1 classes, we spend extra time on the skills themselves or the techniques of the lift.  If you struggle with a certain movement, go back to basics, improve and perfect it, and then add it to a WOD. And don’t let me forget to mention that even the Level 2 athletes can all improve and work on something.  Fine tune your efficiency so that you can go heavier, faster, more advanced.  All of us have another rung on the ladder to climb, NO ONE is exempt. So practice, practice, practice.


Compare yourself to yourself and enjoy the journey

CrossFit is a way of life.  Not a magic pill.  So enjoy the journey and celebrate YOUR small victories along the way.  Any time that PR bell rings, the whole class cheers and lights up.  Doesn’t matter if that is because you did one pushup on your feet or you did a million.  A PR is a PR and we want to share that moment of glory with you.  Someone posted on Facebook the other day (in reference to a beginner)… “Do not compare your chapter 2 to someone else’s chapter 22.”  I LOVE THIS!!  It is so true.  Most of the people that can do things you can’t have just been coming longer than you and have had more time to practice. And they have practiced, over and over and over again.  They have failed (just like you), they have succeeded (just like you will in time). So celebrate any and every teeny, tiny ounce of improvement.  In the end, the journey is what matters most!