Friday December 22, 2017


**Relay style for the entire class. The whole class will hold a wall sit, while person 1 completes 1 round. When they are done, they will tag the next person to complete a round, continue on. If you are not working, you are holding a wall sit. Score today will be a class score of how many total reps completed between everyone. Every time someone comes out of the wall sit, that whole group must complete 3 burpees on the spot. Total burpees completed will be a separate score.


AMRAP 30 minutes:

100 Sit-up buy in (cannot start next part until everyone is done with sit-ups… hold a plank until everyone is finished here)…then…

**switch to holding wall-sits and until the remainder of the 30 minutes complete in the style mentioned above**

5 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (medium weight)

10 Med Ball Push-ups (ex- right hand on ball, left hand on ground, push-up, switch ball to other side and push-up…L+R=2)

15 Box Jumps