Thursday August 9, 2018

Strength Session:


Deadlift @ 85% of your 1RM

**At the call of go, lift 1 rep (DO NOT DROP THE WEIGHT FROM THE TOP, SET IT DOWN). Rest in the remaining time.

**At the top of the next minute, lift 2 unbroken reps (DO NOT DROP FROM THE TOP ON SECOND LIFT, ALWAYS SET IT DOWN TO FINISH)

**Next minute, 3 unbroken, then 4 unbroken, the 5 unbroken, etc…. continue the pattern noted above. Your weight must be challenging. Do not take it easy on yourself to get the 5 unbroken.  Fight for it and see what you are capable of!




AMRAP in 11 minutes of:

21 Abmat Sit-ups

14 Single Arm DB Push Jerks (L+R=1, alternate each rep, medium-heavy weight)