Tuesday September 26, 2017

(Taren and Hunter crushed Saturday’s partner workout.  Holding that plate overhead really taxed the shoulders and core.  These two were sweating buckets!)



We will time this workout, however the goal is to go as heavy as you can and work the movements.  So take your time and do not rush.  Consider it a not for time workout, even though we will have the clock running.


200m Farmer Carry (heaviest KB or DB you can carry in each hand)

2x Down/Back Handstand Walks (*See below for modification options)

200m Stone Carry (You must hug the stone)


**Handstand Walk MODS**

Option 1: 100 Shoulder Taps in Handstand Position (L+R=2)

Option 2: 20 Handstand Walks around the box (L+R=2…remember, you go halfway around the box and then go back the other way)

Option 3: 120 Shoulder Taps in Plank position (L+R=2)