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The goal of this week will be to improve overhead and front rack positioning, low back pain and stiffness, and will help with your hip and leg mobility for all exercises completed throughout the week.

1. Super Front Rack

-read the steps to set-up in the picture below



2. Tricep Smash

-Place a bar on the rack and place your tricep (starting near the elbow) and apply downward pressure.  Move your hand up and down and side to side slowly.  Do about 5-6 movements and then move the bar to another spot on your tricep, then repeat.


3. Low Back Lacrosse Ball

– Get a box and lay down, facing up, and then put feet up on the box.  Place a lacrosse ball under your upper pelvis area or just above your pelvis.  Make sure to keep your core engaged (DO NOT ALLOW YOUR BACK TO ARCH).  Rock the ball side to side along the tissue.


4. Glutes Lacrosse Ball

– Follow the same set-up as exercise #3, except this time place the ball under your pelvis in your glute region.  Rock side to side.



5. Banded Hamstring stretch

-Attach a band to the bottom of the pull-up rig.  Loop the free end around your leg, close to your hip joint.  Slide away from the pull-up rig so that the band creates some stretch.  Lift that same leg up in the air, keeping it straight.  Use another band to create some leverage on the stretch.  Play around with keeping the leg straight and also bending the knee.  Do both sides.


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