1. Bilateral Shoulder Flexion

-Improves overhead positioning, pushup, front rack position



Get a PVC and kneel in front of a a box with palms facing toward your body as you hold the PVC. Elbows should be as close together as possible as you rotate the PVC and spread your hands apart.  Go until you reach the end range of motion (aka, it doesn’t move anymore).  Do this with both of your arms. Go back to the center position and then drop your body down to floor to create an accentuated front rack position.


2. Anterior Compartment Smash

-improves overhead positioning, pushup



-Position the “ball” portion of  a kettle bell on your pec muscles as you are laying face down.  The hand that is on the same side as the kettle bell should be behind your back to focus on the internal rotation component.  Use your opposite hand to push down on the ground which will create some tension.  When you find a particularly tight spot, hold on it and place both hands behind your back (only if you can handle it that is).


3. Quad Smash

-improves hip function, knee, hip and low back pain



-Foam roll your quads.  Make sure you go all the way up to your hip bones and down to your knee joint.  Work the outermost side, the middle and a little bit towards the inner thigh on each leg.  If you find a particularly painful spot, either hold on it, or bend and flex your knee while holding on that spot (particularly awesome!)


4. Thoracic Spine Foam Roll


-Place a foam roller horizontally under your back as you lay down face up.  Roll all along your spine from the base of your neck to the top of your glutes.  Go up and down several times.  To give yourself a little more love, lift and lower your arms up and down over your head on the tight spots.