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1. Medial Shin Smash

-Sit on the floor or on a box and cross one leg over the opposite knee.  Use a lacrosse ball and roll it along the space between your shin and your calf muscle.  Apply a downward force.  This will get the muscle that runs along the backside of your shin (tibia) bone.  Very helpful for ankle mobility and things like shin splints.





2. Banded Pec Stretch

-Play around with different angles of the height of your arm in order to access the different heads of the Pectoralis muscles.





3. Global Hip Internal Rotation (this stretches the external rotators, which get very tight on us from always keeping our “knees out” during squats).

-Read the directions in the picture




4. Adductor Foam Roll




5. Thoracic Spine Double Lacrosse Ball Plate Smash

-This one uses TWO lacrosse balls. Directions are in the picture.


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