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-This week is all about the back, even if the moves may not all seem like back mobility exercises.  So, let’s get started!


1. Thoracic Spine mobility

-Use a foam roller or TWO lacrosse balls for this one.  Place the roller or lax balls in your thoracic spine.  Lift your hips and grab the barbell overhead.  Slowly lower your hips and ribcage towards the floor.  Breath.  If you need more stretch, have a friend, pull the barbell away from you.  Repeat in two or three different parts of your mid and upper back. Hold for 2 minutes in each location.



2. Bridge-ups – do 15 reps


  • Lie flat on your back
  • Bend arms and put them on the ground by your ears, with forearm vertical to the floor
  • Bend knees and bring your feet in, placing feet flat on the ground
  • Press through shoulders and drive through hips to to raise your body off the floor
  • Reach full extension in the hips with legs straight as you push your head through your arms
  • Finish the bridge up with arms vertical to the floor and the rest of the body in full extension


3. Low Back Pressure Wave

-Read the instructions in the photo itself for this one.




4. Roll to Candlestick – 15 reps


5. Psoas fun!

-Place a lacrosse ball in between your belly button and your hip bone. Use the kettle bell for some pressure to find your psoas muscle.  You will know you are on it if you bend the knee on the same side and feel the muscle flex through the ball.  If you don’t feel it, find it before you give any extra added pressure. Once you find it, allow the KB to give the necessary amount of pressure.  From there, move your leg in and out, up and down, etc.  1 minute on each side. This exercise shows up at the 3:00 mark in the video below.

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6. Foam Roll/lacrosse Ball on your lats.

-You can do this against a wall or on the floor.  3 minutes each side.



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