Mobility for Pistols

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1. Test your Pistol on each leg

2. Super Couch Stretch – 1.5 minutes each leg

– We’ve done this one before.  Use the band for added love.  Bring hands up to the knee if you are able.  Not necessary however.  Keep your abs engaged.  Squeeze the glute muscle on the side you are stretching.  Do not overextend the back (aka arching).

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3. Flossing of quads and hamstrings – 3 exercises. Spend 1 minute on each side in each exercise.

– Flossing is when you use a band and sort of “rep out” these stretches vs. sitting and holding for a long time.  We are looking to find the tight corners so work the angles as well as the middle of the movements.  Always be in control of your movement, do not get lazy, and never ever let yourself feel numbness.  Not ok.

A. Quad

– Rock forward and backward into this perfect stretch.  Tuck your tailbone under, keep your abs engaged.  Push hips forward toward the rig. Work the angles.  You can put your hands up over your head also to stretch psoas a little bit more.

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B. Hamstring #1

– Band is up in the high hip region.  He is working this in two ways.  Bend and extend the knee ( doing sort of a forward bend stretch). Or keep the knee straight and bring chest to knees and then bring it back away from the knees.  Remember, sort of rep this out, not static holding.

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C. Hamstring #2

– Band is in his high hip region and is going perpendicular to his hip (sideways). You can see his band just below his belly button, attached to the white rack.  Place your foot up on a box and rock back and forth into a perfect stretch position and then rock back into hamstring stretch position (in the picture).

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 12.53.45 PM



4. Ankle Distraction with a partner

– Your friend will hold the arch of your foot up so that is doesn’t collapse down.  This helps you get a proper stretch in the correct places.  You could probably stuff a sock under there if you are on your own. Place band around lower ankle, foot up on some plates probably.  The guy is rocking back and forth, working the amount of ankle flexion he is getting.  He is also working angles to find tight spots. Do about 40-50 “reps.”  After this, do it the other way (see the second photo). Band is still around the low ankle.  He is still reaping it out forward and back and friend is still holding the arch.  Just facing the rig vs. facing away from the rig.

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5. Re-test your pistol


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