1. T-Spine Smash


-Start by placing a foam roller underneath your thoracic spine.  An empty barbell should be overhead.  Roll back over the foam roller, keeping your hips high, and grab the barbell with both hands.  Slowly lower your hips towards the ground, taking your ribcage with you to create an arch in your back.  If this is enough for you, stay here.  If you need more, straighten out your legs to create even more stretch.


2. Shoulder rotator smash and floss


-Place a lacrosse ball underneath your shoulder blade as you lay face up on the floor.  Your upper arm will be perpendicular to your body and your lower arm will be perpendicular to your upper arm (goal post arms).  Let your elbow meet the floor and then slowly rotate your hand down toward your hip and then back up toward your head.  Move the ball around on different areas of your shoulder blade and posterior shoulder to find more sticky spots that need work.


3. Forearm Smash


-Place a lacrosse ball on the floor and either roll both sides of your forearms up and down (wrist to elbow) or find the sticky spots and add some extra pressure there.  You can also play around with opening and closing your fist or by moving your wrist up, down, or in circles.  Make sure you do both sides of your forearm.


4. Elevated Perfect Stretch


-Place your foot on top of a box in a squatting position )toes pointing straight ahead and heels down flat).  Extend your back leg into a lunge position and use your hands to hold the foot on top of the box in place.  Work different ranges of motion by twisting toward and away from the foot on the box (#3 & #4).  You can also drop your knee out to the side and rock your hips backward and forward (#5 &6).


5. Executive Hip Mobility


-Especially perfect for those of you that work at a desk during the day.  Sit on the edge of a chair or a box, keeping your back nice and flat (think deadlift position here).  Cross one ankle over the opposite knee and lean forward, maintaining that flat back position.  To work different ranges of motion, lean side to side or twist into or away from the crossed over leg.  Make sure to maintain a flat back position no matter what you are doing.


6. Superfriend calf Smash


-Find someone you trust.  Put your calf on top of a foam roller. Maintain a slightly bent knee and have your super friend apply the pressure to work the tight spots against the foam roller.  They can apply pressure straight down, or slightly rock up and down or side to side.  Communication is key here, so make sure to let your friend know how much pressure is too much or not enough and make sure you have a safe word for when you have had enough.