Front Rack Positioning

– beneficial to improve cleans, thrusters, front squats, start position on presses, and abilities in handstands.  Strive for 10 minutes each day for this mobility work.

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1. Shoulder Flexion

-The band is strapped in very low. Keep your elbow as close to your head as possible. Make sure the palm of your hand is turned to face behind you as much as possible. Try not to arch your back too much.  Hold 1 minute each side.

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2. Wrist Extension

-Wrap the band around your wrist and pull away from the rig so that the band pulls your wrist toward the rig a little bit. Use you opposite hand to secure your hand to the floor.  Keeping your elbow straight, rock over your hand to increase the amount of extension.  You can also go in angles to work the “corners” of the range of motion.  Work this 1 minute on each side.  Hunt around to find tight spots, do not just sit and hold the entire minute.

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3. Thoracic Extension

-He has two lacrosse balls underneath his mid back. One on either side of the spine. Give yourself a hug and drop your shoulders to the ground (think mini sit-ups).  Do 5 “mini sit-ups” at each thoracic vertebrae.   You can also take your hands overhead or into a front rack positioning to work this again.  For this one, think of it as 3 rounds.  5 mini-sit-ups at each thoracic vertebrae.  Round 1 – give yourself a hug.  Round 2 – arms overhead. Round 3 – arms in front rack positions as best as you can.

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4. Foam Roll Inner Thighs


5. Pigeon Pose

hold each side for 5 minutes.  Roam around and find the tight corners of the movement.


6. Holding Air Squat

-Place your feet as close to the wall as possible.  3 rounds. Hold the position in the picture for 2 minutes.  Rest 30 seconds.

-Goals… to keep your chest as upright as possible. Notice she still has a slight arch (almost like a reverse hollow rock position. THAT’S GOOD!) Knees over your toes.  The weight on your foot is distributed evenly from right to left and overall weight is in your heels (AKA, don’t let your foot roll in). Chin straight ahead.

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