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1. 20 Dislocates with a PVC


2. See video. Do the first 2 exercises here for overhead positions.  Do each for exercises for 2 minutes on each side. Make sure not to let your arm go numb or tingle on the second exercise.   We will be doing a lot of this during the upcoming week.  Jump on it.


3. First Rib Mobility… Watch the video.  Do the one that the girl does first, but watch the others for some other ideas. Hold for 2 minutes on each side.


4. 1 minute Bridge Hold



5. Shoulder Extension.. Watch the video for proper set up.  Hold for 2 minutes


6. Barbell Shoulder Smash.  2 minutes per side.  Once you get the bar set up in the proper position, move your hand up and down (try to touch the floor with your palm and then bring it back up to goal post position).  Try not to let your shoulder come off the ground on the backside.

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7. Repeat… 1 minute bridge-up hold (see #4)


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