**We all struggle for time, so let’s make some.  At night, we all have a little bit of downtime before bed.  So, while you are watching TV, work on this little sequence and loosen up those muscle and joints.

Challenge…  Do 2 rounds of the sequence 5 days this week and see if you feel any different!


#1-Do not bounce your legs.  Keep your torso upright and bend at the waist

#3- Make sure your shoulders stay neutral and you don’t bend sideways.  That reduces the impact of the stretch.

#4- If this isn’t enough, just do one arm at a time across the body

#5- Pull back on toes to stretch them

#7- Make sure your back in up very straight.   Pull your abs in to enhance the stretch

#8 – Keep your back straight and bend at the waist.  Shoulders should be squared to your foot.

#9- Reach forward by bending at the waist and keeping your back straight to make this more effective.

#11 – calf stretch


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