1. Gorilla Pose

-Notice how the hands are underneath the feet.  You can use your toes to massage your hands and wrists as well.  If you cannot do this with straight legs, that is fine, bend your knees as necessary, keep your back flat.

image image


2. Wrist extension

-You will bend your wrist backward and then gently pull back each finger for 10-20 seconds.  After all 5 fingers have been done, do all 5 at the same time and hold for another 30 seconds.




Wrists and Shoulders

1. Chicken Wing




2. Reverse Namaste

-Doesn’t look like much, but this is pretty tough.



Hips and Torso

1. Bridge Pose

-Only go as high up as your bak and shoulders allow.  You can either go up and hold this or you can rep it out.



2. Hip and Torso Twisty

-See the picture.  Make sure you do both sides and switch which leg is on top.  Try to increase the twist on each exhale.




Thighs and Toes

1. Toes and Quad stretch with a little mid-back if you can handle it

-Again, looks easy, but this is very aggressive.  Start on all fours (on your hands and knees) and no shoes on.  Tuck your toes under and very gently come to an upright position.   You may not get all the way up and you may be able to get into the position of the picture.  Choose what is the right position for your body.


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