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Hip Flexion (Getting Down to the Floor)

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  • Start with the band high up in your hip.  Walk away from the rig to get some tension on the band. Start by bending at the waist with a nice flat back (think Good mornings).  Do about 10-15 reps here trying to get lower each rep.  Then touch the floor and floss the hamstring by bending and extending the knee 10-15 times, keeping the hand on the floor.  Do both sides.


Hip Extension (Standing back up)

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  • The band is high up in your hip and go far enough away from the rig for some tension in the band. He is at an angle for the video purposes, but you will be facing directly in front of the rig.  Goal is that the band pulls your hip toward the rig.
  • Start in a perfect stretch position and work to loosen up up your hip, quads, and the corners of the hip joint.
  • Work your way up so that you are all the way up.  Using your arm, put it behind your head and twist away from the leg being stretched.  This will incorporate the psoas and iliacus muscles that are deep in the joint.
  • Spend about 3 minutes on each leg.


Shoulder Extension (Clap overhead)

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  • Our favorite banded shoulder stretch.  Make sure your palm of your hand is turned up toward the ceiling.  Let the band pull your hand, do not pull the band back toward you. Hold 2-3 minutes each side and work the angles.


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