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Hip Flexors Stretch with Band and Box

2 minutes each side. Make sure to squeeze your butt on the same side that has the band. Try to tuck your tailbone under and forward to create even more stretch in the front of the thigh/hip.

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Hip Flexors Stretch with Internal Rotation

Again, 2 minutes each side.  This time, take your ankle out towards the outside and have a friend put a Kettlebell there to block you from letting your leg come back in. Squeeze the butt on the same size as the band.

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Hip Muscle Pressure waves with a Ball

-Put the ball on the side of your hip joint.  Slowly, rotate from front to back (not up and down), and smash those tissues with a ball.  If you find something particularly evil, hold it until it releases a bit.  2 minutes each side. Treat yourself kindly, this one is tough.

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Thoracic Extension with a Friend (or you can hold a barbell)

-Hold your friends arms and push them down towards the floor. They are trying to take their hips and ribs towards the floor as well.  They can roll up and down along the roller to find the sticky spots that limit them getting into extension.

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Thoracic Spine Rolling with a friend (or you can hold a plate)

  • Give yourself a hug while laying on a roller.  The friend pushes downward on you to give this more excitement.  You will roll up and down along the roller, looking for the tight spots.  You can twist a bit to get your rib areas or just stay along the muscles by the vertebrae. Make sure you communicate with the person adding pressure so that no one gets hurt.

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Shoulder Internal Rotation

This helps promote your arm swing so that your shoulders do not roll forward and down while your arms are swinging backwards.  No bulldog runners allowed. 2 minutes each side.

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