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1.Super Frog

  • Make sure you have a neutral spine while doing this, so squeeze your butt. You will contract/relax in this one for 2 minutes.  Contract the butt and abs for 5 seconds (making sure the ribs do not flare up toward the ceiling), and then release.  Continue for a minimum of 1 minute each side, probably 2.  This will help your second pull positioning.

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2. Lacrosse Ball Hip/Glutes

  • Put a ball in the side of the hips and roll forward and backward to release the hip and Glutes.  Spend a little extra time in the backside, but don’t be afraid to catch that front section as well.  2 minutes on each side.




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3. Bully Stretch 

  • Notice where the guy in the back has the band.  Reach behind your back to grab the band.  Tilt your head to the opposite shoulder and use your free hand for some extra assistance..  You should feel a lot going on in your neck and upper shoulder area. Make sure the hand holding the band has the palm facing away from your back that you are not twisting your torso or lifting the shoulder up on the side that has the band. 2 minutes each side.

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4. Bully Stretch Variation

  • Start with the band a little higher than the previous exercise. Wrap the band around your shoulder and step away from the rack in order to have the band pull your shoulder “backward.”  This time, tilt your head to the opposite side and also look slightly down toward your pocket (see the girl’s head position). For extra help, have a friend come and lift the forearm of the arm behind your back a little higher.  This will help your “scarecrow position” of the lift, which helps you pull yourself down and under the bar.  2 minutes each side.

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