Hips, Knees, Ankles, and Feet

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1. Lacrosse Ball on the Feet.

Roll the ball around on the bottom of your foot.  Please wear socks if you use our lacrosse balls.  Specifically work the arch of the foot and the area in between the heel and the ball of the foot.  Do not apply harsh force to the ball of your foot as you have some sesamoid bones in there that might not like that.




2. Toe Stretch

-Start on all 4’s.  Turn your toes under. Sit up onto your knees. Only go up as far as you can. This can be very intense for both your toes and your quads, so listen to your body.  Hold for 1 minute.  Rest, and then repeat for a total of 3x.

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1. Foam Roll Shins and Calf Smash

-The pictures on the top are just a foam roller to the shins.  Do 5 passes over the muscles on the outside of the tibia.  The bottom photos add in the calf smash.   Shift your weight so that you are close to a sitting up position.  The leg on top with compress on the calf muscle and allow you to really work some deep trigger points.  Again, listen to your body.  This is intense.





2. Lacrosse Ball Deep calf muscles

-If you cannot get into the position in the first picture, use the second photo as a reference for a modification.  With the ball, you are working the soft spot just on the inside of your Tibia (aka shin bone).  You are targeting the muscles that live on the backside of your tibia, so work that little gap vs. the big meaty part.

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3. Lacrosse Ball Posterior Knee

-You will do this in two places.  On the inside and on the outside.  Do not put the ball directly in the center of the back of your knee. Read the instructions in the photo for the exact procedure.  This picture is for the inside line.  Repeat the same on the outside line.




4. Lacrosse Ball Anterior Knee

-There are three locations for the ball as described in the photos. First on the top of the kneecap on the inside of the knee.  Second, on top of the kneecap in the center. And third, on the top of the knee on the outside.  You will start with the ball on the inside and roll horizontally to outside and then back to the inside.  If you find a sticky spot, bend and straighten your knee to give some added love to that spot.






1. Banded hamstring stretch

-Bottom band is ties to the rig and is working to pull your leg toward the rig. Use the top band to help you get a good hamstring stretch on the top leg.  Work with a straight leg and then with a bent leg to get some different angles.  You can also try to put your leg to the outside or to the inside to find some areas that need attention.




2. Internal rotation of the hip stretch

-Start in a squat position on the ground. Take one knee and drop it toward the middle.  Use your opposite leg to provide the leverage to aid the stretch. Repeat on both sides.




3. Olympic Squat Stretch

-You know this one as the banded adductor stretch on the wall.  Make sure your feet are straight up and down.  DO NOT TOE OUT.  Pull your knees down for 1 minute (picture 1), push them out for 1 minute (picture 2), and then combine the outward and downward force for 1 minute (picture 3).  3 minutes total.


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