Saturday October 18, 2014


(There is nothing better than having a good friend by your side when doing hard workouts and while making your life a better place.  Tara and Wunpenn are perfect examples of how doing this as a team makes everyone’s life better!)



2 Rounds with a partner:

40 Partner Wall Balls (L2-20,16) (L1-14,10)

Run 400m as a team

30 Partner Slam Ball Sit-ups (30,20) (L2 – partner does a sit-up whether they have ball or not)(L1-only person with ball does sit-up)

Run 400m as a team

20 Overhead (L2) or Front Rack Lunges (L1) – (95,65) (R+L=2)

Run 400m as a team

10 Burpee Partner Jumps (L2-Partner is on hands and knees) (L1-Partner laying flat on floor)

Run 400m as a team


**Modify as necessary

**For Burpees, Partner 1 must complete all 10 reps and then Partner 2 must complete their 10 reps before starting the run