Thursday August 23, 2018


8 x 2 minute rounds of:

Run 200m

Kettlebell Swings (medium weight) OR Push Press (medium weight)


8 minutes to find a 1RM snatch

**Complete 1 rep per minute.


**Start with Run 200m and then do as many KBS as possible in the remainder of the 2 minute segment. At the 2 minute mark, head out for another 200m run and then do as many Push Press in the remaining time.  Continue alternating the pattern.  You will complete 4 rounds of each exercise.  Scores will be a total # of KBS and a total # of Push Press completed. Workout is 16 minutes total.  At the 16 minute, your 8 minutes to find your 1RM snatch begins. You will complete one lift each minute to find your max for today.