Fear is an emotion that keeps most of us paralyzed from taking action on the things we really want in life.  There is an acronym for FEAR… false evidence appearing real.

How many times have you been very worried about a situation only to realize in the end that you had done all that worrying for nothing?  Well, most of the time, the outcomes we are afraid of are not really that bad in the end or they do not manifest at all and we were completely off the mark. Hence, this is false evidence that we create with our minds that has nothing to do with actual reality.

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-Overcome a fear today.  Ask that guy or girl out on a date. Apologize to the person that is angry with you and admit you made a mistake.  Sign up for a CrossFit competition that has to do with Pumpkins (hint hint).  Find a fear today and conquer it.  Post up what you did and how you now feel about the situation.