Saturday October 17, 2015


(Balance, Strength, Coordination, Accuracy, and Stamina come into play as Shawn deadlifts the kids and pumpkins while waiting in the long line at the pumpkin patch. Maybe patience should be dubbed the 11th general skill of CrossFit training. Ha Ha! Those lines are long this time of year. Enjoy a beautiful Colorado autumn weekend!)

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With a partner complete:


Front Squat (135,95)

Handstand Pushups

Shuttle Runs Between Rounds Together (Down/Back=2)

**For this workout, Partner A will complete 1 FS, 1 HSPU. Then both people will do 1 run. Then, Partner B will complete 2 FS, 2 HSPU. Then both people will do 2 runs. Partner A does 3,3. Both people run 3 runs. Partner 4 does 4,4. Both run 4 runs, etc. Follow the pattern all the way across. End with 1 run.  While one partner works on FS, HSPU, the other person will hold a SIDE PLANK.  Alternate sides each time you have to hold.


**Modify as necessary between the two partners

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