Saturday April 23, 2016

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(Amber, Lydia, and Tucker tackling Tuesday’s barbell WOD.  These three crushed this one!)

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Level 1 & 2 WOD:

In 10 minutes:
Find your 5RM Deadlift
**While partner 1 does their 5 reps, Partner B will hold their bar off the ground. After both people have done their set of 5, both bars can be set down to change out weights. To get credit for the 5RM, you will need to complete the reps touch-n-go.
**Score for this portion will be the total combined heaviest weight lifted by both partners.

Rest 2 minutes and then…. At the 12 minute mark, begin…
AMRAP in 17 minutes
Run 400m together
30 Stick Jumps (24″,20″)(L+R=2)
4 Wall Jumps (Big, Small)(Over/Back = 2)

**For this portion, you will run together. When you get back, Partner A will do their 30 stick jumps while partner B rests. Then Partner B will do their 30 stick jumps. After complete, Partner A will do their wall jumps, and then Partner B will do their theirs. Then, run together again.
**Score for this WOD is total number of rounds + reps completed over the 17 minutes. The run will count as 1 rep.

MOD 1: Stick Jumps (Lateral Hurdle Jumps), Jump to Support on wall