Saturday July 8, 2017


With a partner complete:

AMRAP in 25 minutes:

7 Ring Dips

11 Thrusters (115,75)

14 Toes to Bar


**while one person completes one full round of the above work, the other person will alternate between doing as many wall jumps or bodyweight sled pulls as possible.  On the wall jumps and sled pulls… alternate each time you are not doing the above work.  Three scores today… the combined AMRAP score between partners, the combined number of wall jumps completed, and the combined number of sled pulls (down/back=1) completed.

MOD 1: Band Dips, Thrusters (95,65), Knees to Elbows

MOD 2: Box Dips, Thrusters (75,55), Hanging Leg Raises