Saturday November 28, 2015

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(Thanksgiving has come and gone.  The next holidays are 3 weeks away. It’s time to recommit, hit the gym, and go hard.  No one says you have to fall off the wagon, choose to stay on!)

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Partner WOD:

With a partner complete:
2 Rounds:
100 Sit-ups with wall ball (20,16) (Pass the ball back and forth each rep. Only do the sit-up if you have the ball)
80 Kettlebell Swings (53,35) (Alternate every rep, each person has a KB)
60 Partner Wall Balls (20,16) (Alternate every rep by passing the ball to your partner)
40 Toes to Bar (Alternate every 5 reps. Partner must hang on bar while you do your work)
20 Pistols (each partner does 10 – L+R=2… switch every 2 reps)
100 Hollow Rocks (Switch every 25 reps, while partner works you get to rest)


**Modify with lighter weight wall balls and KB’s.  For Pistols, you can modify with lunges holding a KB at chest level (L+R=2)

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