Thursday July 9, 2015



(Even simple movements like lunges need to be coached.  Here, coach Tucker is giving Amber and Mike the low down on proper technique to maximize efficiency and reduce injury.)

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Level 1 and 2 WOD:

With a partner complete:
200m Partner Carry Buy In:
100 Sit-ups
Row 500m
80 Supermans
Row 400m
60 Side/Side Twists (35,25)(L+R=1)
Row 300m
40 Toe touches
Row 200m
20 Floor Wipers (35,25)
Row 100m
10 V-ups
200m Partner Carry Cash Out

**Read more for WOD description and movement descriptions…


-15 knees to elbows for quality, not speed
-15 ring rows for quality, not speed
-Take the no Limits challenge for rope climbs. Make sure to post it (Tag CrossFit Julia on Facebook. Add @crossfitjulia1 and #nolimits)

**On the first partner carry, one partner will carry their partner 100m.  The other partner will carry  the first partner back. Then, Partner A will start with a 500m row while Partner B does 100 sit-ups. When both have finished, they will switch and partner B will row 500m and Partner A will do 100 sit-ups. If you finish before your partner, hold a plank. Then, move onto the 400m row and the Supermans. Switch, etc… Follow the pattern.


**Floor Wiper = On your back, hold a weight over your face with locked out elbows.  Lift your legs up to the left side, lower back down to the center, lift legs up to the right, lower back down to the center = 1 rep.

**Toe Touches = lay down on your back, lift legs straight up into the air.  Reach up and try to touch your toes with your hands.  You may not get there. Just go as high as you can go. Make sure shoulder blades come off the floor  on the up phase and return to the floor on the down phase.

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