Tuesday April 28, 2015



(Matt V. has on his game face, a great hollow body position during his Kettlebell Snatches, and serious deadlift bar set-up as well! Getting’ after it, big time!) 

Level 1 & 2 workout (18 minutes total)

With a partner complete:
6 rounds on the 3 minute intervals:
Row 500m
AMRAP bear complex (95,65)


**one partner will work at a time. The other partner will rest/count reps/cheer on their teammate.
One person will row 500m and then do as many bear complexes as possible up until the 3 minute mark. At that time the second partner will start their 500m row and bear sequence while first partner rests. At the 6 minute mark, the first partner will start again, etc.. Each partner will complete 3 total rounds. And score will be total number of bear complexes completed between the two partners.

MOD 1: (75,55)
MOD 2: (65,45)
MOD 3: (45,35)

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