Saturday October 1, 2016

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(Sharon and Shannon working the man-makers, or should I say woman-makers!)

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Level 1 &  2 WOD:

With a partner complete:
6 rounds for time (3 each):
50 Double Unders
50 Double Crunches
20 Front Rack Lunges (115,75)(L+R=2)

**While person A completes one full round of the work above, partner B will farmer carry (53,35 in each hand) around the 800m loop. There is a 3 burpee penalty (ON THE SPOT) for setting down the KB’s. Once Partner A is done with their work, they will run around the loop to find Partner B to take over the farmer carries. Partner B will run back to the gym and begin their round. On the 800m loop, to find your partner, you must run or while doing the farmer carry in a counterclockwise direction. You cannot switch directions to find your partner sooner. When running BACK to the gym after being picked up, you will run clockwise.

MOD 1: Lunges(95,65), KB (35,20), DU (Lateral Hurdle Jumps (L+R=2))

MOD 2: anything under MOD 1