Tuesday February 3, 2015



(Julian was rocking the split jerks last week in his awesome yellow shoes! He has made huge gains since starting at CFJ.)


With a Partner complete: 20 minute AMRAP

Partner A. 400m run with sandbag + 1 wall jump (Large, Small)

Partner B. Sled Pulls/pushes (L2 – 4 reds, 3 blues) (L1-3 blues, 3 yellows)

  • Pull the sled down, push it back
  • Continue until partner returns from run and then switch places


**Score is total number of sleds completed. 1 pull down/push back = 1 rep. Add up the total between the two partners.


L2 M1 = L1 RX

L1 M1: (3 yellows, 3 blacks)

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